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Tracking your fleet like never before


Save Time & Money By Using Atina ELD

Enhancements and increased efficiency can be achieved in every facet of your business. Human limitations in meticulous tracking can be overcome by technology, which excels in maintaining near-perfect accuracy. Our technology is poised to assist you in uncovering opportunities for additional revenue that may go unnoticed by your employees.

Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance

  • Supports both 60-hour/7 days and 70-hour/8 days rules.
  • Enables a 34-hour week restart with the latest suspension, respecting two periods between 1-5 am.
  • Allows 11 hours of daily driving.
  • Permits 14 hours on-duty (daily).
  • Includes sleeper berth functionality.

Increase driver safety

  • Warns the driver visually and/or audibly of any malfunction, ensuring timely awareness.
  • Automatically defaults to on-duty (not driving) if the truck is stationary for 5 minutes or more, prompting the driver to enter the correct status.

Special Features

  • Personal conveyance and 30-minute break options are seamlessly integrated.
  • Records location for engine on and off, with updates every 60 minutes while in motion.
  • Mobile device functionality restricts duty status changes only when the vehicle is at rest.

Self-Testing and Compliance Assurance

  • Conducts regular self-tests and can perform additional tests upon request by authorized safety assurance officials.
  • Facilitates the seamless transmission of ELD data to the DOT office during inspections, in accordance with FMCSA requirements.

ELD Installation

Installation of the Atina ELD is completed in couple of minutes without the need for additional assistance from a mechanic. Alternatively, we can ship the product to you at no extra cost. The 4G network ensures a stable connection, and the hardware is linked using a 9-pin cable.

Installation time 5-10 minutes
Coverage 4G Network
Connection 9 PIN Cable to OBDII
Support 24/7
Additional help Detailed User Manuel

Getting your fleet to its destination with ease

We aim to simplify processes for everyone. Utilize a unified platform for real-time location tracking, compliance monitoring, and safety measures, eliminating the need for multiple systems. The Atina ELD App presents a straightforward solution to optimize your crucial operations. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and focusing on key aspects, leave the rest to us.

What our clients & partners say about us

It’s always a joy to hear that the work we done positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experience.

Excellent assistance! It saves a significant amount of time. Being a driver with limited time for adjustments, I find this remarkably user-friendly and easy to comprehend. Kudos to Atina for a job well done!

Sam DouglasTruck Driver

The Atina ELD as an excellent tool for fleet management, boasting high reliability. Despite its numerous practical features, it remains user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and utilize.

Ben CrawfordFleet Manager

Every aspect of Atina's exceptional standards left me thoroughly impressed. Engaging with their representative and creating a contract tailored to my specific needs was a great experience.

Jack MooreTruck Driver

In addition to offering cost savings compared to similar solutions, Atina ensures your fleet receives the most comprehensive and up-to-date monitoring data available.

Linda DavisSafety Coordinator

Atina ELD is attracting attention, and I believe it's well-deserved and entirely understandable.

Jeff TaylorExecutive Director